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A ridiculous tale of a spineless nitwit

Crosstalk - Connie Willis

How do I hate thee, let me count the ways... (I am trying to not sound like a troll, but I'm still really irritated with this book)

1) This was the first time I actually returned a book to audible.

2) The heroine is completely incapable of setting boundaries with people. Many of those people behave like they have diagnosable personality disorders. Yet, Briddey can't possibly stand up for herself, because she might upset someone.

3) The heroine is a nitwit. At first, I thought her family was just straight up insane and controlling. They're all freaking out because Briddey is getting an EEG with her boyfriend, which is a sort of an implant that will enable them to feel eachother's feelings. Sure, that sounds like a really dumb idea, but it really isn't anyone else's business. Then I get to the part where it's revealed that Briddey has dated her boyfriend for six weeks. Six weeks. Then I realized that her family is probably scared that she's going to be murdered because she's dating some creep who, after dating for less than two months, not only wants to plan a wedding but also want to get brain implants so that he can know what all her feelings are. This is the sort of relationship that is likely to end in a restraining order or a murder. Not saying that the family isn't nuts - because HOLY SMOKES - but some of the crazy might be justified.

In short, I figure that Briddey is a girl with a whole lot of problems. The vast majority of them would be solved if she learned to stand up for herself and demand people treat her like an adult, rather than a child with special needs.