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I love books. If I could, I would inject books directly into my peepers. I own a dog. He's obsessed with a hedgehog stuffy. He keeps sticking it in my face when I'm trying to read. 

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Power to the corpsickles!

We Are Legion (We Are Bob) (Bobiverse) (Volume 1) - Dennis E. Taylor


Bob is a brilliant engineer who just made a fortune selling his company. Then he spends the money to have himself cryogenically frozen after he dies, in hopes of being revived in a time where they can revive him and send him back to the party that is life. Immediately after signing his contract, he gets hit by a car and that's that for Bob.


That is, until he is revived in the future. Sorta. Bob's personally has been transferred into a computer program and he's the property of a religiously fanatical government (which came to power after the people elected a megalomaniac president. This had me wondering if I had chosen the right book to read, so soon after the election). As it turns out, corpsickles have no right in the future. Bob is installed into a space ship and sent out to explore the universe. Which isn't a bad deal, really.


This book was so much fun and full of nerdy goodies. I went through it fast and loved every minute of it. So, yeah...read this book, you!